Festival and Fairs

INDIA has an incredible variety of fairs and festivals of which the more well known are


Republic DayThe grand Republic Day parade in New Delhi on 26 January.

Desert kite festival – Jodhpur


Surajkund Crafts Mela Fair – near Delhi

Desert Festival in Jaisalmer

Carnival - Goa


HoliHoli or the Festival of Colours mainly in the North

Classical Dance Festival – Khajuraho

April / May

Chithirai festival – Madurai ;

Paro festival – Bhutan


Hemis Gompa festival – Ladakh

Rath Yatra – Orissa Temple festival in honour of Lord Jaganath


Teej in Rajasthan particularly Jaipur – to welcome the monsoon.


Elephant MarchThe Great Elephant March in Kerala

Snake Boat races in Kerala

Raksha Bandhan – Northern and western India
Independence Day

Onam – Harvest festival – Kerala


Ganesh Chaturthi – mainly Orissa , Mumbai, Chennai dedicated to the Elephant headed god Ganesh.

Janamashtami – Birthday of Lord Krishna

Kumbh Mela – the oldest of Hindu festivals takes place once in three years.

Dussehra – one of the most popular festivals known as Ram Lila in the North and in Bengal as Durga Puja.


Diwali or the Festival of Lights ushering in the Hindu New Year Illuminations and fireworks celebrate the auspicious return of Lord Rama from exile and the symbolic victory of good over evil.


pushkarPushkar Festival in Rajasthan (near Ajmer ) a colourful camel and cattle Fair with races , acrobatics, and a fascinating glimpse into rural India.


Christmas Day The Feast of St.Francis Xavier – Goa Island Tourism Festival held between December and January at the Andaman Islands located in the Bay of Bengal.