Rural Tourism

In addition to a variety of cultural  sights  incorporate  a  unique experience of a stay at an eco friendly resort in South India  using  wind and solar energy and bio-gas for cooking, walk around the village and get  acquainted with its people – elders, curious children , industrious women and  men, participate in  local  village games and activities like Seri-culture, pottery and bullock cart making, wooden toy making or Handi craft carving project ingredients of a life time experience.

Visit  a sugar cane crushing  project and local farms where millet,  oil seeds, rice and sugar cane are  grown,or  take a coffee and spice plantation tour and participate in an elephant interaction program.

Western India also offers a fascinating glimpse into rural India . Rajasthan has identified  26 villages in 15 districts  as tourist ‘dhanis’ or  ethnic villages with very different life style of villagers and local cuisines . Take a day trip from Jaipur  to one such village and after a day’s activities relax on a traditional charpoy (wooden string bed) and be served unusual village delicacies like ‘rabri’, ‘dal-bati’ and ‘bara-ki-roti’ .