Wellness Tourism

Life is a combination of Body, Mind, Senses and Soul or Atma. In the spiritual evolution of man, Ayurveda is the foundation, Yoga the body and Meditation the head that creates an independent Trinity of Life.

Discover the power of Meditation and Yoga in India - discover the luxury of true wellness in the mystical Himalayan mountains or the golden sands of Goa and Kerala.

Ayurveda the science of life whose origins date back to ancient Vedic times is based on universal principals evolved over centuries. Originating from the Sanskrit word ‘ Ayus’ or span of life and ‘Veda’ or science, its strength lies in a broad encompassing view of the dynamic inter relationship between physiological processes and external factors.

The Panchkarma rejuvenation therapy designed to detoxify, nutrify the body, medicated baths, soothing head massages promote tranquility and wellness.

Both Ayurveda and Yoga ancient life disciplines have been practiced in India for centuries. Now you too can experience serenity with guided Meditation and Yoga, the science of the spirit and union with the Divine,

Yogic postures , coordination of breath and movement , concentration, contemplation are all conducive to a state of perfect equilibrium, longevity, rejuvenation and self realization.

Meditation practiced in several forms – silent seating, chanting, praying, walking, visualization and focus on objects, helps bring awareness, harmony and natural order to life alongwith spiritual health. The awakening of this creative intelligence results in increased relaxation and energy within the body and assists in strengthening the positive qualities of compassion, patience and wisdom.

Rediscover tranquility in the sanctuary of your mind and body , breathe in the fragrance of Mother Earth in a refreshing, revitalizing Indian Sojourn.